What To Look For During An Open House In Burlington

After two years of restricted home viewings due to the pandemic, open houses are back in Burlington. Open houses started over 100 years ago, where home buyers would walk around a fully constructed home and marvel at the new styles, innovative layouts and modern technology. Now, open houses are not just for new builds but all types of homes, from apartments, condos and acreages. Open houses are a great way to show your home and to see a few homes on the same day without scheduling a viewing.  Next time you visit an open house or two, consider these tips.


What does the landscaping look like? Will the lawn be easy to maintain, or would you have to hire experts? Are the grounds in good shape? What about sheds or detached buildings? Have they been affected by the weather? These are all great questions to ask yourself or the open house agent.

Light Switches and Outlets

Before checking the interior light switches and outlets, look for any exterior ones. Make sure the outlets work and are in a convenient place for interior and exterior outlets. As you look at interior outlets throughout the various rooms, check to ensure enough outlets for your intended purposes. Go ahead and flip all the light switches to ensure they all work.


How new are the windows, and are they efficient? Will you spend more on heating and cooling bills because the windows aren’t in good shape? Look at the direction they are facing, as that will also make a difference in energy efficiency. Do you like the view when you look out the windows? Windows can be a costly upgrade, so take time to examine them.


Whether it’s carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl or wood, check the floor in every room of the house. Is there tearing by the transition strip between the carpet and tile? Are there deep, unfixable scratches or scuff marks on the hardwood? Is the laminate lifting or warped in areas of heavier moisture?


Take a look at the appliances.. What condition are they in? Are the laundry appliances big enough for your family? Are they installed in an area of the house that’s convenient for you?  Ask the open house real estate agent what appliances are included in the home’s sale.


What kind of storage spaces does the house have? Is it accessible, or is it difficult to get to whenever you want to pull out Christmas decorations?

Room Size

It can be hard to tell from pictures how big a room is, so seeing it in person at an open house is ideal. You’ll be able to stand in the room and decide if it will fit your pool table or king-sized bed.

Cupboards and Cabinets

Do the kitchen and bathrooms have enough cabinet space? Don’t forget to take a peak underneath the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms. Water stains and mould are a sign that there have been plumbing issues in the past or present. Run the water, and ensure no leaks around the faucets. Is the water pressure okay? Don’t forget to do the same in the kitchen.

Any seller putting their home up for sale with an open house will do all they can to put the best light forward on their home. As a prospective buyer, it’s important not to get swayed by the fantastic presentation. Take your time walking through and ask a lot of questions.

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