Listing Your Home

Before placing a sign on your lawn and thinking the difficult part of selling your home is done, your Royal LePage® Burloak REALTOR® will want to ensure that your home is poised for success! Here is how we can help:

Set A Price

Setting a price for your home isn’t as easy as one might think and there are many factors to consider. If you price it too low, you stand to lose thousands of dollars and if you price it too high, it could sit on the market for an extended period of time with no interest from potential buyers.

Considering the fact that determining the correct asking price is the most critical factor to the success of your home sale, here is a list of what our REALTORS® can do:

  • Help you understand current market conditions and how they will impact your home’s asking price
  • Prepare a market analysis to give you an understanding of what comparable homes in your area have recently sold for and what is your competition currently on the market
  • Assist you in understanding the marketability of your home’s location, size, style, and condition
  • Explain how pricing at market value will help make your home more marketable, exposing it to more qualified buyers while generating the best offers
  • Clarify the importance of capitalizing on early activity associated with new listings by pricing your home accurately when it first goes on the market
  • Help to create value and future negotiating power through chattel inclusions and exclusions
  • Work with you to develop a pricing strategy and determine an asking price that will sell your home in the shortest amount of time at the best possible price

Market Your Home

No matter how well your home is priced, a marketing plan is necessary to attract buyers. Your Royal LePage® Burloak Sales Representative can step in and offer guidance and assistance. Aside from listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®), our REALTORS® will prepare a personalized marketing plan containing all activities intended to market your property to prospective buyers and provide you with the following benefits:

  • A professional Royal LePage® Burloak Real Estate Services “For Sale” sign
  • Agent and public open houses for potential buyers to preview your home
  • Exposure on &, the #1 real estate company website in Canada
  • Professional and attractive feature sheets, floor plans, virtual tours, and videos
  • Exposure to social media channels
  • Marketing on national Royal LePage® networks of 19,000 REALTORS®
  • and more!

Listing Agreement And Associated Documents

Entering into a Listing Agreement is the first formal step in marketing your home to prospective buyers. Our real estate sales professionals will do the following in order to ensure excellence:

  • Explain the Listing Agreement, a contract that commits Royal LePage® Burloak Real Estate Services to market your home for a specified period of time in exchange for a fee for service, paid upon successful closing of your home sale
  • Outline the details of the listing including the asking price, a description of the property, and inclusions and exclusions
  • Request supporting documents such as a property survey, property tax bill, the deed or title search documentation to verify any rights of way, easements, liens, or charges against the property
  • Ask you to authorize your mortgage lender to verify your current mortgage details, where applicable
  • Request other documentation such as expenses related to heating, electrical, and water consumption as well as receipts for any home improvements that may enhance your home sale

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